Don't Let It Go Yet! A New 'Frozen' Ride Is Coming to Disney World

The ride will open in 2016 in the Epcot Center's Norwegian wing

Photo: Disney

Disney World’s Epcot Center allows visitors to tour a host of foreign lands. Mexico, China, Germany, France and Morocco are among the nations that have exhibits and rides in the park’s World Showcase, and now a new land is being added to the list: Arendelle.

Sharp-eyed readers may note that Arendelle is not actually a foreign county. You’re right. But a new Frozen ride will be constructed in the World Showcase’s Norway area. It will replace the Maelstrom ride, which once loaded tourists onto Viking longship-style boats for a tour of Norse mythology. It closed in 2014.

Starting next year, this space will be filled by Frozen Ever After, a new “dark ride” attraction that will take passengers through scenes and locations inspired by Frozen, the aesthetic of which was inspired by Norway.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Disney COO Tom Scaggs said the Frozen ride won’t be out of place.

“If the goal is to give people a taste of something like Scandinavia with the Norway pavilion, then Frozen would only increase the extent to which people would be drawn to it,” he said. “To me it doesn’t seem out-of-character at all.”

It’s the Perfect Day for a New Frozen Treat!

According to the WSJ, the ride will take place in Arendelle’s summer, where characters are nonetheless celebrating winter. Passengers will see Oaken’s Trading Post, the Troll Valley, Marshmallow the giant snowman and, of course, Princess Elsa singing “Let It Go,” because Disney has decreed that you still have not heard that song enough yet.

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