Dads Ryan O'Quinn and Terry Wilkerson sing what we're all thinking

Dads: Tired of Frozen yet? (Let’s be honest. Everyone: Tired of Frozen yet?

While we admit we’re not exactly blameless in the great Frozen overdose of 2013/14, there is a line that should – nay, must – be drawn, and thankfully, these dads are helping to draw it with this clever parody.

Starring Ryan O’Quinn and Todd Wilkerson (and their daughters), the clip is a spot-on portrayal of the frustration – then begrudging acceptance, then love – parents go through when their kids get a new favorite movie. (Especially one with ludicrously catchy songs.)

As the pair sing in the song’s final verse: “And I know somewhere Walt Disney/Is smiling in his grave. ‘Cause while I’m filling up his pockets, while I’m driving up his profits/He’s driving me insane!”

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