Thinking of buying a pricey Elsa costume? Let it go and make one instead!

By Drew Mackie
Updated October 15, 2014 04:15 PM

With Halloween two weeks off, it’s getting close to crunch time for costume decisions. And if you have a big Frozen fan in the house, you may soon be tasked with re-creating Elsa’s flashy "Let It Go" gown, because let’s face it: The ready-to-wear Elsa gowns are going to sell out, if they haven’t already.

Viral video show RightThisMinute has rounded up four how-to videos that will help you make some Frozen magic – even if you don’t have actual magic powers.

YouTube’s TheSorryGirls explain how to make child and adult-sized Elsa gowns:

LifeofFallon’s take on the Elsa costume is tailor-made, so to speak, for people who are scared of sewing:

A Thrifty Mom’s costume also skips sewing entirely and can be made for under 10 bucks:

Finally, fashionista GiannyL requires you to have access to a sewing machine, but don’t let that scare off you novices:

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