A brief visit to the hospital has pals concerned about the former sitcom star's well being

By People Staff
Updated February 17, 2005 08:00 AM

When Matthew Perry was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital last week due to an adverse reaction to prescription medication, his rep said the actor was “fine” – but the former Friends star had several of his pals worrying.

Although Perry, 35, has struggled with Vicodin and alcohol abuse in the past, his rep says the actor’s 24-hour stay at the hospital “was nothing insidious.”

But friends believe that Perry hasn’t fully adjusted to the end of Chandler Bing. “He is having a hard time going from being on a hit show to having a movie (The Whole Ten Yards) that didn’t do that well,” says a pal of Perry’s. “He sort of feels like he’s a has-been already.”

And with a recent weight loss, “friends are concerned,” says the pal. “He is the thinnest he’s ever been.”

Perry has also grown apart from others, including cocktail-waitress girlfriend Rachel Dunn, who moved from New York to L.A. to be near him, then back, because “they drove each other crazy,” says a source. The couple broke up for a few weeks, then decided to reestablish their long-distance relationship. But finding his footing again “is such a daily frustration,” says a friend.