By Todd Peterson
Updated February 27, 2004 12:52 PM

There is a definite men-versus-women divide on the set of “Friends” when it comes to what each character sees for the series down the road.

When asked by Entertainment Weekly whether a “Friends” reunion would ever be possible, the gals shot down the idea while the men said they would keep their options open.

“I hate the idea of the reunion show,” said David Schwimmer, who plays Ross on the show. “But if it meant I get to revisit the relationships and work with those writers and actors again, then that would be a good thing.”

Matt LeBlanc, who will be reprising his role on NBC’s spinoff “Joey,” said he would be agreeable to the idea if everyone else agreed to it.

But it was Matthew Perry who took the most pragmatic route. “Talk to me in 20 years. If I’m on really hard time, maybe I’ll be pitching one,” he told the magazine. Perry, who plays Chandler on “Friends,” has tried to make the jump from the sitcom to the big screen, with limited success. Among his feature films are “The Whole Nine Yards” and, more recently “Serving Sara.”

In fact, despite their television success, none of the show’s male leads have been able to make a big splash on the big screen, which might explain their openness to future “Friends” projects.

For the women, however, a “Friends” reunion would cheapen the show’s value, Jennifer Aniston said. “Do you remember the ‘Brady Bunch’ reunion show? You remember the ‘Happy Days’ reunion show? Were they ever good?” she asked EW.

The final episode of “Friends” airs May 6.