Friends of Woman Frozen to Death 'Furious' No One Looked For Her in the Cold

Elizabeth Luebke left a party in shorts and a tank top in -6-degree weather

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Friends of the 21-year-old woman found frozen in Wisconsin after leaving a party inappropriately dressed for the cold weather tell PEOPLE that her death could have been prevented by the people she was with.

Taylor Soens says that she was not with Elizabeth Luebke on the day of her death, but after communicating with her on Snapchat, could tell she was intoxicated.

"I knew she was blacked out," Soens tells PEOPLE in an email. "Then I heard she just walked away from this house party– NOBODY chased after this poor girl, half naked, blacked out, no phone… in Milwaukee at 3-4a.m. Not a single person went after her?"

Luebke was found dead at 9 a.m. Sunday just a few blocks away from the Milwaukee home where she was partying, the Associated Press initially reported. Authorities said she was in the area for a concert and had walked out of the party wearing shorts, a tank top and no coat in -6 degree weather.

Soens says that she thinks Luebke left the party after getting into a fight with a friend, adding that, she feels, Luebke was "left for dead."

Luebke's mother told police that her daughter had a history of alcohol abuse and had been hospitalized in October – but Soens says she'd been sober "for months."

"I've watched multiple people ask her to drink and she declined, went home to bed instead. She was so strong and I was so proud of her," she says, adding that she's "furious" and doesn't know what "got her to drink that night."

Soens says that Luebke's friends are "devastated," and the "she never did harm to anyone, she was so full of character and love and smiles."

Friend Kaylee Martin adds, "I know almost all her friends, including me, are just devastated and a loss for words. She truly did not deserve this, everyone's hearts are truly broken."

"Being around her you were just always happy," Martin tells PEOPLE. "I don't not recall one time I was around her and she was upset or angry."

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