But Alana Stewart says the actress has been put "in a panic" by erroneous media reports about her health
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

With Farrah Fawcett expected to leave the hospital within days, her friend Alana Stewart is in awe of how the Charlie’s Angels star has dealt with her latest medical ordeal.

“I’ve never seen anyone fight for their life like this,” says Stewart, a constant presence at the actress’s hospital bedside and co-producer of Fawcett’s upcoming documentary about her battle with anal cancer.

Despite widespread reports to the contrary, Fawcett, 62, is currently hospitalized for internal bleeding not directly related to the cancer. “Farrah is not in a coma and she’s never been unconscious,” Stewart says. “It’s unconscionable for these things to be put out. It’s so tremendously hurtful to Farrah. It’s put her in a panic. But Farrah’s spirit is incredible.”

Her personal physician, Dr. Lawrence Piro, has also been impressed with Fawcett, calling her “an amazing patient” since she was first diagnosed in 2006.

“All people who face cancer are brave,” he says, “but Farrah has been especially brave because she has had to battle two burdens at the same time. One is the burden of cancer. The other is the burden of going through the cancer in a very public way. Throughout, Farrah has used something which is a masterful gift of hers, and that’s her humor. And positive thinking.”

Piro says that, barring complications, Fawcett should be released from the hospital “in a few days.” In the meantime, Fawcett receives visitors from a close circle of friends such as Stewart. Another presence is her long-time companion Ryan O’Neal. “Ryan has continued to be by her side and has helped her so much through this experience,” says Piro.