Jason is all of us and we are all Jason
Credit: Paramount Pictures/Everett

Friday the 13th became one of the iconic slasher series of all time by turning in an increasingly amped-up installments throughout the ’80s, throughout which Jason became less of a figure of terror and more of a video-game character, juggernauting his way through films in series of escalatingly violent set-pieces.

Some of them were deeply ridiculous. And thanks to the magic of the internet, some of the most ridiculous ones have become GIFs, which we’re happy to share with you to use as you please.

When you’re having a bad day, Friday the 13th or not

When your date goes in for the kiss and you’re not feeling it

When your morning commute has become untenable

Taking out the garbage like

When you show up to a party right when the invite said it started

When your friend texts you at 10:30 pm about your plans for the evening

When someone humble-brags that they went to the gym before brunch

When you realize you’ve had exactly one drink too many

When you’re overwhelmed by the options at the buffet

When you can’t hear your friend over the bar’s music