#FreeChrisChristie: Twitter Goes Wild for 'Hostage' Chris Christie at Donald Trump's Side on Super Tuesday

The Internet is worried about Chris Christie


Donald Trump racked up some big wins on Super Tuesday but when he took the stage to deliver his victory speech, all eyes were on the man behind the Donald – Chris Christie.

The Twitterverse saw panic and fear in the eyes of the New Jersey governor, who last week endorsed Trump for president after dropping out of the race himself earlier in February.

The hashtag #FreeChrisChristie was trending as users joked that the governor’s expressions and body language made it look like he was in a “hostage situation.”

In the analysis of Tuesday’s voting and the Trump campaign in general, Christie wasn’t the only one seen as a hostage.

Historian Jon Meacham, appearing on Morning Joe Wednesday, said of the Trump phenomenon, “Trump has managed to hijack an entire political party, and the pilots are asking why no one is on their side.”

“The passengers are cheering for the guy who took over the plane.”

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