By Cynthia Wang
Updated February 10, 2005 12:30 PM
Credit: Tony Esparza/CBS

After traveling more than 40,000 miles through 24 cities, models Kendra Bentley, 25, and fiancé, Freddy Holliday, 35, ate their way to victory on the sixth Amazing Race, after a food challenge that had them eating deep-dish pizza in Chicago. The winning couple chatted with PEOPLE about the Race and how $1 million doesn’t hurt when making wedding plans.

What was your strength in this game? Was it your ability to get over arguments and move on?
Freddy: Absolutely. Our focus and our respect and love for each other was the key. We stayed focused, we knew what our goal was. We had our moments, but we would let it go and get back to what we were doing.
Kendra: Any of our bickering lasted only for a short while. When the bickering stopped, that was it. We kissed and made up and were ready to put 100 percent back in.
Freddy: I went into this thing so in love with her and with so much admiration for her and I came out of it with twice as much. She’s such a special person to me and I am so thankful to have her with me.
Kendra: Freddy’s my hero!

You had fun even while competing, like when you played elephant polo. What other memorable moments did you have?
Kendra: We definitely loved the elephant polo. We liked the grape stomping!
Freddy: It was a big highlight for me. She stomped the grapes barefoot, jumps out and then has to drink the wine and she was worrying about her dirty feet and then instantly, she was like, “That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever had!” It was so cute!
Kendra: I was like, “I don’t want to drink dirty-feet grape juice!”

How were you physically able to keep healthy considering you weren’t eating or sleeping much?
Kendra: Well, you saw Freddy. He lost 15 lbs. He looks very different now.
Freddy: The most brutal part of the race was the lack of sleep and food. I think in Ethiopia it was the second or third time (Race host) Phil (Keoghan) looked at me and said, “Fred, you are really looking thin! You keep looking thinner. You guys have got to shell out more money!”

Do you have things you want to do now or places you want to travel to because of the Race?
Kendra: We did some challenges like helping me conquer my fear of heights when I rappelled down the 40-story building in Shanghai. That was a nice little personal victory for me. As far as places we’d like to go back, Iceland.
Freddy: In Iceland we spent the night on that glacier in those tents and that next morning was my 35th birthday, which is like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Kendra capped off the day with a matchstick stuck in my favorite-flavor Cliff Bar, the carrot cake, which was great!
Kendra: When I presented him with his Cliff Bar, I got all the other teams to sing “Happy Birthday” too, so that was a sweet, intimate moment.

Have you thought about what you are going to do with your prize money?
Freddy: The answer is probably pretty boring – it’s going to be invested. We also have a few charities that we work with like the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Will you still be based in Miami?
Kendra: Yes, we sure will. We will model and Freddy’s a pilot so he’s more focused on that right now. So we are going to be doing modeling, real estate and piloting.
Freddy: I have a commercial license and I was doing some charter-service work but I am a flight instructor.

What about your wedding plans?
Kendra: We are getting married in the spring and the money will help. Maybe it will get us a couple more days on our honeymoon in Bali. We are not going to have a big extravagant wedding because we won. We want to build a really solid nest for ourselves.