Sarah Michelle Gellar's Daughter Inherited Her Mom's 'Buffy' Strength, Freddie Prinze Jr. Reveals

Freddie Prinze Jr. Tweeted photos of his daughter Charlotte Grace at a martial arts lesson

Photo: Courtesy Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sure, Buffy was just a TV show, but there’s a chance that Freddie Prinze Jr.’s daughter might have inherited some fighting spirit from her mother, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

On Tuesday, Prinze, 39, Tweeted a photo of his daughter, Charlotte Grace, 5, at a martial arts lesson, where she demonstrating the trap and roll escape move on him. And it seemed to work, too. In one photo, Prinze is on top of the pint-sized martial artist. In the next, she’s turned the tables on him.

“She controls the arm and executes the trap and roll,” Prinze wrote, adding the hashtags #tuffchix and #bullyproof.

Prinze isn’t the only one to post about one-on-one time with Charlotte Grace. In March, Gellar, 38, posted to Instagram that she was taking her daughter to New York for a girls’ weekend.

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Later that same month, Gellar posted a photo of her and Prinze out on a date night. “Married almost 13 years and still enjoying each other’s company,” she wrote in the caption.

Gellar has previously praised Prinze as a dad, telling PEOPLE that he is “incredibly hands-on.”

“Thank God he can cook or I would probably never eat,” she said. “We try to make [everything] a family thing, so we’ll go to the farmer’s market and Charlotte can pick out a piece of fish. … And she and Freddie will go to the grill and she pretends to light her little grill.”

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