March 11, 2004 10:56 AM

Malcolm in the Middle isn’t so little anymore. He may have started out as the pint-sized protagonist on FOX’s hit sitcom, but 18-year-old Frankie Muniz is now old enough to drive, vote and even have a serious girlfriend.

Still, the actor has made time to reprise his role as the junior James Bond in Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London, the follow-up to his successful 2003 kid-spy flick. And after 10 years in showbiz, Muniz is more than ready to make the jump from child star to “adult actor.” He recently spoke to reporters about his transitioning career, his dating life and his brief moment in bed with Cher.

So, are you ever going to get Ashton Kutcher back for being Punk’d?
No. I think that everyone is out for him because everyone in Hollywood has now been Punk’d. So, I don’t know, maybe one day we’ll all come up with a good idea.

You looked really upset when they stole your Porsche.
It’s funny because I know the real story. They cut it to five minutes, but it was really over a two-hour period of me waiting for my car. So, I was cool for like the first hour and a half, and then, I started to curse out the valet guy. They made me look a lot worse than I really am.

Cody Banks seems to be following in the footsteps of James Bond. Do you have a favorite Bond movie?
The one that I was actually old enough to understand was Die Another Day, the latest one. The cars in the end were really cool. I thought that it was fun.

What’s going to happen to Cody Banks when he graduates from high school?
Who knows? Maybe that’s what the third one will entail, if we do a third one.

Are there plans for it?
Well, we’ve talked about (it), but it’s all about if this one does well. Right now, I’m not at the best point in my career to do another Cody Banks movie – three years in a row of Cody Banks. Being on Malcolm in the Middle, I only have three months during the summer to do something else, and now that I’ve turned 18, I have to make that transition from child actor to adult actor.

Some child actors have trouble with that. Does that worry you?
Well, it doesn’t scare me. I’m actually thinking about it, though, which is weird because I thought that it’d just happen and that I’d be set and it’d be perfect.

Are you still friends with Hilary Duff, your costar from the first Cody Banks?
I haven’t seen her in so long because she’s gone crazy with the whole music thing and her other movies and stuff like that.

What about you? Any musical aspirations?
All that I want to do is be a drummer, but I don’t want to be known for it. I’d like to be John Mayer’s drummer, like, in the background. I just want to play the music. I don’t want it to be like, “Frankie Muniz’s band.” I think that’d be cool.

Do you have a lot of girlfriends in Hollywood?
(Laughs) I’ve had a girlfriend for two years now and I’m definitely very happy there.

What’s her name?
Her name is Megan, and she’s just normal.

How did you meet her?
I actually met her through a friend who was on an episode of Malcolm in the Middle and we were hanging out and she was there. And that was two years ago now.

How is it to be with someone who’s not in the biz?
It’s nice being with Megan because she is so normal and just fun. She’s 17 and she’s going to be graduating early and she’s just chilling. And we have fun because she’s there for me all of the time.

What about your bed scene with Cher in Stuck on You? How did that happen?
Well, they came to me with the idea a long time before they started filming. It was just one day in Miami and I went down and filmed for 23 minutes and it was fun and cool because no one really expected it – other than the fact that they showed it in every preview.

Did Cher know who you were?
Well, she knew who I was, but she didn’t know that I was going to be so short. The first thing that she said to me when I jumped in the bed and took off my shorts was, “You’re so little.” She’s like, “Now I understand why this scene is so funny.”

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