Frankie Muniz Recovering from Second Mini-Stroke

The former child actor calls his latest medical episode "miserable'

Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty

Frankie Muniz remains in the middle of a medical muddle.

On Monday, the 27-year-old former TV star revealed that he recently suffered a “mini-stroke” – again.

“Almost a year to the day, I experienced another mini stroke. Hopefully that will be the last. Miserable.” he Tweeted.

The former Malcolm in the Middle star was hospitalized last year for a “mini-stroke” – a commonly used term to describe a transient ischemic attack, or TIA, when blood temporarily stops reaching the brain – an experience he described on Twitter as “not fun at all.”

“I felt like I was getting stabbed in the head – the worst headache you could ever think of. I couldn’t see anything,” he exclusively told last year shortly after the first episode.

Muniz, who turns 28 on Dec. 5, also said he was speaking gibberish and his hands were numb throughout last year’s terrifying ordeal, which happened in his hometown of Phoenix, where he is now drummer for the band Kingsfoil.

Last year, Muniz told PEOPLE he prides himself on living a healthy lifestyle, sans alcohol and drugs, and attributed the small stroke to working too hard.

“My biggest problem is I always want to be working, going non-stop,” he said. “So it’s a wakeup call to take a little time and relax a bit.”

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