The Oscar winner says people shouldn't "believe all the hype" about his Miami Vice costar

By Todd Peterson
December 23, 2005 08:00 AM

Everybody should have a friend like Jamie Foxx. The Oscar winner is looking out for his buddy, Miami Vice costar Colin Farrell, telling Access Hollywood that he’s taking care of the actor his Hollywood home.

“I just really want to protect people like that,” Foxx tells Access. “But sometimes they are after him because he is such a nice guy, he is so fun loving and loves the world.”

According to Farrell’s publicist, the actor had checked into a rehabilitation clinic earlier in the month and was being treated for an addiction to prescription medication. But Foxx denied those claims, and said the only thing Farrell needed was rest, which he was getting at Foxx’s.

“He is at my crib kickin’ it,” Foxx said.

The 38-year-old Oscar winner said that the reports of Farrell’s rehab stint were exaggerated.

“Colin Farrell is great,” Foxx said. “Don’t believe all of the hype.”

Foxx and Farrell shot Miami Vice, a remake of the popular 1980s television series over the summer. Foxx said that Farrell was fine during the filming.

“He is such a family man,” Foxx said. “He had his sister on the set, his father on the set, his mom on the set.”

It’s a busy week for both stars. Foxx has released Unpredictable, his first music album, which is selling briskly. And Farrell’s new film, The New World, opens on Christmas day.