Fox Wraps 'Spin'

Michael J. Fox wrapped the special one-hour final episode of his ABC hit “Spin City” Friday night in Manhattan. Now what? “I have no clue,” said Fox, 38, to reporters who were on the set for the occasion. “It’s like stepping off a curb to see what traffic is like.” For four years, Fox played deputy mayor Mike Flaherty, who is being written out of the sitcom. (Fox, who is suffering with Parkinson’s disease, quit the show in order to concentrate on personal matters.) “My immediate plans are to spend time with my family and hang out,” said Fox. “I’ll be busy launching my Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. I wanted to call it PD Cure — but I bounced it off a friend, and she said, ‘Pedicure?’ ” Charlie Sheen will join the show next season in a new role. Heather Locklear will remain in the cast, but, according to industry reports, few of its seven other members are expected to make the move from New York to Los Angeles, where “Spin City” will be shot next season.

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