Fox, CBS: Fight for Survival

Fox Broadcasting Co. has gone on the attack against CBS, accusing the latter network of fixing contestant voting on the “Survivor” series, reports Variety. The charge was part of an answer filed in federal court Monday in a copyright infringement suit. Fox is responding to a claim by producers of “Survivor” (on CBS) that “Boot Camp” (on Fox) has ripped off the CBS show. The case has been going on for a month. In its filing this week, Fox accuses CBS of trying to monopolize reality-based TV game shows by bringing frivolous copyright actions while simultaneously manipulating the results on “Survivor” to make it more appealing to its audience. In contrast to the CBS series, Fox says the outcome on “Boot Camp” is not contrived. In a statement to Variety, CBS spokesman Chris Ender delivered a below the belt punch, suggesting that Fox’s “answer has about as much credibility as a Rick Rockwell background check.” Rockwell was the discredited groom on the Fox TV special, “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?”

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