Corey Feldman, Todd Bridges and Pauly Shore want their friend to be sober

By Kate Coyne
Updated August 01, 2008 02:00 PM

A week after ’80s idol Corey Feldman told PEOPLE he will no longer speak to longtime friend Corey Haim until Haim gets sober, one of their final heated arguments is about to be aired.

In an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of the A&E reality series The Two Coreys, Feldman and his wife call on two close pals – former teen stars Todd Bridges and Pauly Shore – in an effort to get Haim to admit he needs help.

Having been scheduled to film a cameo appearance in the direct-to-DVD sequel to The Lost Boys, Haim appeared on the set clearly under the influence, stumbling and slurring his speech. A few days later, Feldman staged the meeting at his house, with less-than-stellar results.

Since filming on The Two Coreys ended six months ago, neither Haim nor Feldman have spoken to each other.

“I don t feel that he’s a safe person to have around my wife and child at the moment, for a multitude of reasons,” Feldman told PEOPLE.

Haim, who maintains that he is currently sober, responded, “I will always love Corey Feldman, but I lost 105 percent respect for him and his wife.”