Paula and Scott Broadwell seen having lunch as they try to make family life "normal"
Credit: ISAF/Getty

A month after her affair with Gen. David Petraeus became public and led to the four-star general’s resignation as head of the CIA, Paula Broadwell is trying to mend her relationship with her radiologist husband, Scott.

The couple were spotted this week having lunch on the patio at 300 East, a popular restaurant in the Dilworth area of Charlotte, North Carolina. Though many other diners appeared to recognize the couple, the Broadwells, says an onlooker, seemed “relaxed and happy.”

“They’re trying to go on with their lives,” says a source close to Broadwell, adding that it was Scott who suggested he and his wife go out to lunch since he was going to be working an evening shift. “Paula continues to be very grateful that Scott has been so supportive.”

Broadwell had thanked her husband publicly in the acknowledgements of her book, All In, a glowing biography she wrote of Gen. Petraeus. In it she credits Scott with caring for their two sons, now ages 5 and 7, while she was working in Afghanistan.

These days she is spending more time at home, says the source, playing basketball with her boys in the family’s driveway, taking her older son to Cub Scouts, and going door-to-door with him to help “deliver Cub Scout popcorn.”

Both parents, says the source, are “committed to making sure the kids can go on with their lives as normal. It’s more complicated for Paula and Scott.”

A lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, Broadwell may still face charges related to emails she sent to Jill Kelley, a family friend of Petraeus, or for having classified information on her computer.

For now, she and Scott are “trying to put one foot in front of the other,” says the source. “There are definitely good days and bad days. This is not going to be an easy process, they recognize that.”