Former First Daughter's Secret Service Van Towed

Jenna Hager's security detail racks up too many parking tickets

Photo: Kimberlee Hewitt/The White House/AP

It will be some time yet before Malia and Sasha Obama are old enough to drive, but here’s hoping they have more luck than Jenna Bush Hager.

The former first daughter’s Secret Service van was towed in Baltimore last week for unpaid tickets, The Washington Post‘s Reliable Source column has been reporting – at the same time raising the question of why the former White House resident still has a security detail two months after her father left office.

For that, the paper found out, Hager can thank the current occupant of her former residence, President Obama. “There’s a transition period anytime we have a protectee,” Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan tells The Post, adding that an executive order from Obama continues the watch over Jenna and her twin sister, Barbara. Donovan declined to say how long the security detail will remain in place.

As for the towed vehicle, it reportedly racked up parking violations and was then towed from near the south Baltimore home Jenna, 27, and husband Henry Hager, who works for a Baltimore energy company, moved into right after their May wedding.

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