Want to quit eating junk food? Tetris has you covered
Credit: Richard Drew/AP

Tetris first arrived on screens almost 30 years ago. Created in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov – a computer engineer working for the Academy of Science of the U.S.S.R. – the “relentless building block video puzzle” has delighted gamers ever since.

Now, Tetris is staging a comeback, not as a mere arcade favorite, but as a force that can positively change players’ lives. Recent discoveries and creations are proving how the tricks of Tetris can make you a healthier, happier human being.

Here are three reasons everyone should grab a Game Boy and start breaking blocks right now.

1. It can make you more business-savvy

Arduboy is a new project working to put a playable Tetris game onto business cards. According to TIME.com, the creator, Kevin Bates, has already developed a successful prototype and is working on a Kickstarter campaign to sell the goods. The millimeter and half thick cards reportedly come with 9 hours of battery life, making them the best way to hypnotize business prospects.

2. It makes life a little sweeter

A new version of the classic game called Puyo Puyo Tetris was recently released in Japan. This remix transforms the standard blocks into anime characters, reports Kotaku. To celebrate this fresh Tetris twist the company released gummies inspired by the game, giving handheld play a new – and tastier – meaning.

3. It can help you kick a bad habit

Press PLAY above and use your keyboard arrows to control the game

A recent study by psychology researchers at Plymouth University shows that playing a three-minute game of Tetris can drastically reduce cravings. The unorthodox method applies to those jonesing for cigarettes, alcohol or junk food. Tetris is said to replace the “craving imagery” with its falling tiles, as reported by A.V. Club, which distracts the brain from vices even after the game is over. Forget the smoke break, start playing now.

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