In next Tuesday’s episode of NBC’s “Just Shoot Me,” Mark Hamill, guest-starring as himself, is stalked by an obsessed “Star Wars” fan (series regular David Spade). While his Luke Skywalker days are behind him, Hamill has found that many Force fanatics keep pressing him for details about George Lucas’ next “Star Wars” film, “The Phantom Menace,” due out in May. “They ask me all kinds of questions,” Hamill told PEOPLE Magazine’s Jason Lynch. “People think I’m rooming with George, that I get up and have bagels with him every morning.” And while Hamill is as curious as anybody about the new flick, he doesn’t plan on getting the inside scoop from Lucas. “I’m just wondering if I should just wait to see it when it’s all done, from start to finish,” Hamill says. “I don’t want to have that knowledge. For me, it’s like when Harrison (Ford) had the script of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ on his coffee table. I picked it up, read the first four pages and thought ‘Why am I ruining a perfectly good Saturday matinee in 18 months time by reading this now?'”

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