January 09, 2002 03:37 PM

CBS’s winning streak in the ratings race ended abruptly last week, thanks to ABC’s slate of college football games. Thursday’s Rose Bowl was the week’s most-watched program, with 21.56 million viewers. That figure was off by 21 percent from the previous year’s championship contest, however (27.24 million for the Orange Bowl). According to Nielsen estimates for the week of Dec. 31-Jan. 6, ABC beat second-place NBC by a solid 15 percent in the coveted adults 18-49 demographic and by 19 percent in total viewers (12.73 million vs. 10.66 million). ABC also won the week among adults aged 18-34 (tied with Fox), as well as among adults 25-54 and among all adult males. That news is ironic, given that ABC has lost its entertainment TV group co-chairman, Stuart Bloomberg, who resigned this week in light of the network’s slumping ratings. Last week’s Top 10, according to the Nielsens:

1. “CBS NFL National Post Game: Various Teams and Times,” CBS, 14.5, 15.3 million homes
2. “Rose Bowl: Miami vs. Nebraska,” ABC, 13.8, 14.5 million homes
3. “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” CBS, 13.0, 13.7 million homes
4. “60 Minutes,” CBS, 12.0, 12.6 million homes
5. “Survivor: Africa,” CBS, 11.9, 12.5 million homes
6. “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” NBC, 11.7, 12.3 million homes
7. “Rose Bowl pregame show,” ABC, 11.4, 12.1 million homes
8. (tie) “Friends,” NBC, 10.9, 11.6 million homes
8. (tie) “Law & Order,” NBC, 10.9, 11.5 million homes
10. “Fiesta Bowl postgame show,” ABC, 10.7, 11.3 million homes

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