'Football' Gets Funny

Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts and comedian Dennis Miller will have very good seats for football this coming season. They’ve been selected by ABC’s “Monday Night Football” producer Don Ohlmeyer to sit alongside Al Michaels in the broadcast booth. (The first regular game of the season will be on Sept. 4, Denver vs. St. Louis.) While Fouts’s appointment was expected, Miller’s comes out of the far end zone. “I admire Don Ohlmeyer’s cojones,” Miller — who’ll keep his HBO show “Dennis Miller Live” — told reporters. The new booth members were selected after both Jimmy Johnson (former Miami Dolphins coach) and Bill Parcells (former NY Jets coach) removed themselves from the running. (Rush Limbaugh’s name had also been tossed around.) Ohlmeyer said he was amazed at Miller’s football knowledge, especially for someone who “never played the game.” Said Miller: “I’ll be myself. I’m not going to change just to keep the job.” Said Fouts: “I don’t have another job. I’ll change to keep this job.”

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