The actors turn heads at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel as they continue shooting Marley & Me

By Liz McNeil Julie Kay
March 27, 2008 07:45 PM
Splash News Online

As Owen Wilson and Eric Dane continue filming Marley & Me at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the newspaper’s staff is offering their own insider’s view of being so close to the spotlight of Hollywood.

Columnist Ralph De La Cruz, who is working as an extra on the film – which is based on the best-selling book by former Sun-Sentinel columnist John Grogan – has found the experience less than glamorous.

“Once you’re on set, you can’t leave. Because you could be called at any moment,” he wrote Thursday. “It’s like being on jury duty. Except the people are friendlier. The pay is slightly better ($100). And food and drinks are free.”

In one scene, he and fellow staffer Kathy Laskowski, who was Marley s former dog-sitter, were pantomine talking as Wilson and Dane walked past. We fake-chatted and sat, he wrote. Fake-chatted and sat. I looked across the newsroom to the office of our editor and there was Alan Arkin, doing the same thing. Standing. Waiting.”

Laskowski, who is featured in the book, was more excited. “I’m totally into this,” Laskowski told Cruz. “It’s almost like this is my movie.”

‘McSteamy Was Checking My Butt Out’

Another staffer, Miami Beach fashion photographer Kristy Furgiuele, had even more fun. “McSteamy was checking my butt out,” Furgiuele told Cruz.

Wearing a snug gray skirt, she repeatedly had to walk past Wilson and Dane, who plays Dr. Mark Sloan, on Grey’s Anatomy. Each time, he checked her out. Twenty-one times to be exact. “It was awesome,” she said. “That’s all a girl can hope for, to have McSteamy checking you out.”

Not to worry: Dane s wife, Rebecca Gayheart, visited the set earlier in the week, staying close to her guy.

By the end of Thursday, the stars were finished shooting at the Sentinel and were headed down the street to Big City Grill, a popular restaurant on Las Olas Boulevard, for more excitement.