We may have just found the "father of the year"

By Kristen Caires
Updated June 03, 2015 03:55 PM

Wayman Gresham, a magnet school educator in Florida, created a video with his son Isaiah combating the controversial social media trend of humiliating kids as a form of punishment.

The two have since become a viral sensation with their video receiving over 19 million views – and Gresham receiving a ton of praise for his parenting.

Up until the end of their video spoof, the Greshams have the viewers thinking Wayman is going to shave his son’s head for misbehaving.

He tells the camera: “You’ve seen the ice bucket challenge, you’ve seen the cinnamon challenge – well this is the ‘give my son Isaiah a bald-head-messed-up-haircut challenge’ – because I’m not happy with him.”

He finishes his intimidating intro by shouting, “Sit up, son! Sit up! Here we go ya’ll…” and we are all left bracing ourselves for Wayman’s wrath and poor Isaiah’s haircut.

But Wayman surprises viewers by saying, “Wait a minute, come here boy, give me a hug!” – and we all exhale in relief.

He goes on to say that “there’s no way in the world I would ever embarrass my son like that… Good parenting is letting your child know that you love them regardless of what they are and who they are, and showing them the way by example.”

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