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Flirting is hard, but not that hard.

After reading these 15 encounters on Reddit, we never want to flirt or be flirted with again – because clearly people can’t handle it.

“‘What’s the difference between a Corvette and an erection? I don’t have a Corvette!’ I saw this used at the local bar. Girl instantly left.”

“A guy handed me a big quart of hummus and demanded I invite him over to have some.”

“I was out with a good friend of mine, he decided to wing-man me by going up to random women, tapping them on the shoulder and just pointing at me and grinning with one thumb up.”

“My best friend used to go to the bar near her house often to write, and she’d get a lot of weird stuff. One guy told her that her lips looked like a couch, and he wanted to lay sideways on them.”

“A guy once asked my friend what he did for a living, as he had nice muscles. My friend replied that he was an electrician and the guy said to him, ‘Mmm, you can hammer me anytime!’ My friend just said, ‘Er… I’m not gay and I don’t think a hammer would be a wise tool in my profession.'”

“A girl and I were washing dishes at work. Suddenly our hands touched, to which I felt compelled to say: ‘Our hands touched.’ She then replied: ‘Yep. They did.'”

“Sitting on a bench at my college, I saw a guy and a girl walk out of a class that just ended. He stops her and starts talking to her. He mentions how they should hang out at his house sometime, but warns her that every once in a while he loses control of himself, nearly blacking out and objects go up in the air and start flying around the room. He promptly asks for her phone number, her email and Facebook. Side note: This is a guy who always wears trench coat and claims he can control lightning.”

“Some random guy at McDonald’s just walks up to a group of girls, who have finished eating, and offers to clean their table. He didn’t even work there.”

“I wanted to ironically use a pick-up line, but couldn’t decide whether to say, ‘Does it hurt when you fell from heaven?’ and ‘Sorry, I dropped something, my jaw.’ In a moment of panic, I said to a girl, ‘Does it hurt when you drop my jaw?'”

“It was 9th grade, I think. A new girl in school sat in front of me in English class. I got a third-hand report that she ‘liked’ me. I wasn’t really doing the whole girl thing yet, but I found her at lunch one day, sat down and chatted with her a bit. Then she came up from behind me and sat down. There were two of them. Identical twins. And I was flirting with the wrong one.”

“When I was 15, a 13-year-old boy came up to me and offered to show me his rock collection. Then he asked if he could see my boobs. I politely declined the latter request but the rock collection was pretty cool.”

“Once a guy asked me when I was going to divorce my husband so I could marry him, when I was visibly pregnant.”

“I work at Starbucks and I was making drinks and calling names when I had to call one out to a ‘Big Daddy’ he responded by saying ‘Awww, yeah, right here baby.'”

“A guy said to me, ‘Is your dad in prison? Because if I was your dad, I’d be in prison.'”

“I was grocery shopping and my basket contained white wine, cat litter and almond milk. Mr. Charming behind me in line tells me that I must be lonely to be buying only those items and that I can come over and make him dinner. He was very confused by my refusal.”