"It isn't very solid yet, but we've been talking about it," Jemaine Clement said at a Sundance event
Credit: Chris Pizzello/AP

Flight of the Conchords are (maybe) taking to the skies again.

The beloved folk duo from New Zealand, who starred in a series of the same name on HBO, are discussing a possible reunion tour of the U.S. in the back half of 2015.

Jemaine Clement, at Sundance to promote his new film People, Places, Things – Jim Strouse’s romantic comedy where Clement plays a cartoonist and teacher – mentioned that he and other Conchord Bret McKenzie “are planning on touring later on in the year in the States,” according to Billboard. “It isn’t very solid yet, but we’ve been talking about it,” he added, saying the pair would probably use the opportunity to debut new material.

The group toured in 2013, but has mostly been inactive since the show concluded in 2009. Clement has been the more visible of the pair in the intervening time, doing voiceover work and acting in films. A movie musical starring the pair has also been discussed, though no concrete details have emerged.