The rapper-turned-reality star tells PEOPLE what it takes to win his affection

In Flavor of Love, one of reality TV’s more unusual hits, women compete ferociously for the affections of rapper-turned-romance-icon Flavor Flav. PEOPLE asks: What does Flavor want?

It turns out, the gold-grilled star of the hit VH1 reality show, real name William Drayton Jr., 47, has just a few requirements, involving beauty, scent and . . . cookie dough?

What are the first things you look for? She’s gotta be pretty. Gotta have good brains on her shoulders. And she has to have good housewife skills.

What’s your ideal first date? I’m a Benihana person. Take a walk on the beach, bottle of Mo t and some strawberries.

If a woman wants to catch your eye, what should she do? No. 1: Have on some nice clothes. No. 2: Smell good. No. 3: Don’t be obnoxious. No. 4: Have good character.

Describe your dream girl. I want a girl who looks good when she wakes up in the morning. We could take her face and dip it in dough and she’ll make some nice-face cookies. Some girls wake up, man, you could put their face in dough and you’ll get a gorilla cookie, for real! . . . I’ve had some beastlies on my show.

Are you a gentleman? I’m an open-the-door, pull-out-the-chair kind of guy. For the first two months. After that, you will be opening your own door!

Would you rather date a fellow celebrity or a civilian? Someone not famous. Sometimes it’s a competition between two celebrities. I like to keep the spotlight to myself, thank you!