Five Things You Need to Know About Annabelle Wallis

The Peaky Blinders actress is Coldplay musician Chris Martin's latest love interest

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Who is the woman that can get Chris Martin dancing down the streets of Paris? The Coldplay singer – who most recently dated Jennifer Lawrence after ending his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow – now appears smitten with English actress Annabelle Wallis, who was previously linked to Jared Leto. The two were recently spotted returning to Los Angeles together after a jaunt to Paris. Here are five things you need to know about Wallis:

1. Not only is she bilingual – she’s multilingual!Though Wallis, 31, was born in Oxford, she spent the next 17 years of her life growing up in Cascais, Portugal. After attending international schools all her life, she became fluent in Portuguese, French, Spanish and Armenian. “I had 42 different nationalities in my year at school, so you adapt your voice,” she told GQ in 2013. “I’m a shape shifter.”

2. Her passion for fashion shines bright.Having a best friend in the fashion industry – in Wallis’ case, her best friend are London-based designers Georgia Hardinge and Christopher Kane – is always a plus, but her fashion-forward appearances are hard to miss, as she’s been dressed to the nines by some of the chicest designers, including Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Prada. “If I get a chance to dress up, I really go for it,” Wallis told InStyle of the modern day seventies theme. “I went to read for a part in LA recently and the casting director emailed me saying, "Annabelle, please come in jeans and a T-shirt, as simple as possible. We know what you re like!"”

3. It runs in the family.Wallis grew up on a family full of actors – her father was an actor, her uncle is Harry Potter actor Richard Harris and her cousins Jared Harris, Jamie Harris and Damian Harris are also actors – but she says that never weighed in on her decision to join the business. “My mother had a very open-minded philosophy about having children, that they should be free to develop in their own way,” Wallis during an interview with The Glass Magazine in 2013. “Cinema was a luxury – you went once a week – the whole idea of celebrity was completely absent. But it was such an instinctual thing, like a path that was already paved that I could not avoid.”

4. Her aspirations early on in life would have taken her down a different path.In her early teenage years, Wallis says she dreamed of starting her own nature reserve. “I wanted to be an anthropologist and travel,” she told Interview Magazine in 2014. “I had gone all through South America and Africa. I had done conservation in Botswana for a bit. I was very much into those sorts of things as well as acting. It was going to be a job where I’d be out in the world.”

5. And this is just the beginning.While her breakout series was nearly a mere six years ago when she played Jane Seymour in The Tutors opposite of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, she has three big films coming out within the next year. Next up, Wallis will be starring in Come and Find Me alongside Aaron Paul and directed by Zach Whedon, and she is currently busy filming Guy Ritchie’s The Knights Of The Round Table: King Arthur starring Jude Law and The Brothers Grimsby – Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest comedy film with Rebel Wilson and Penelope Cruz.

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