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She dates Chuck's Zachary Levi and grew up in Hollywood, for starters

June 24, 2009 04:10 PM

Strumming her guitar since she was a pre-teenager, singer Caitlin Crosby, 26, released her first pop-folk CD, Flawz, this week. Delivering sweet, raspy tunes about love, confidence and growing up in Hollywood, the petite blonde says she’s really just a “big dork at heart.”

Here are five other things to know about her:

She’s dating Chuck actor Zachary Levi: “We met at church a few years ago,” Crosby says. “He’s so sweet and supportive. He’s been to a million of my random ghetto club shows, and he bought me my amazing dream red Gibson guitar for my birthday.” Crosby also reveals that her man is an amazing singer. “Zack came up and sang with me at a bar. We went back and forth on the bridge and did harmonies. It was really fun.”

She strives to help people love their flaws: She named her album after her cause to help people accept their flaws and made a short video about it. To check it out, click here. “I grew up in Hollywood, and it’s all about looking perfect,” she says. “When I was 12 and I would visit my dad [who manages actors]. I’d wake up to movie posters of Charlize Theron and I’d cover my pimples in the morning because I didn’t want him or anyone to see me with flaws. I want to reprogram myself. Now I’m not like, ‘Oh I’m so comfortable with myself,’ but I’m in a good place.”

She has a heavy duet wish-list: “I’ve always loved Sheryl Crow and Pink. And I love Bono. It would be rad to sing with them. Also Melissa Etheridge.”

She used to be an actress: She’s appeared on That ’70s Show, Malcolm in the Middle and That’s So Raven, but says she pursued those gigs to “pay the bills. I was never passionate about it.” Could her beau ever convince her to step back in front of the camera? Maybe guest star on his show Chuck? “Probably not,” she says. “Really I’ve only seen like one full episode. I probably sound like the worst girlfriend ever.”

She’s not related to David Crosby from Crosby, Stills and Nash: “Everyone always asks,” she says. She plans to even make a joke out of the situation. “My singer friend Jay Nash and I are going to start a little side project called Crosby and Nash. We just wrote our first song, called “Deja vu.”

To see her video for her first single “Still Have My Heart,” in which Zack Levi makes a guest appearance, click here or here.
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