"I'm so boy-crazy, it's almost an issue," she tells PEOPLE. "It's almost a disease."

Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Lucy Hale plays angst-ridden, trouble-making teen Aria Montgomery on ABC Family’s hit show Pretty Little Liars. But when the cameras stop rolling, Hale is just a normal boy-crazy 21-year-old with a love for the Twilight saga.

Here are five things to know about the flirty, down-to-earth, Tennessee-bred brunette beauty:

1. She Has a Black Eyed Peas E-mail Buddy
Hale, a self-proclaimed Black Eyed Peas lover, thought it was “completely random” when she discovered the group’s member Taboo is a huge fan of hers. “I’ve recently been e-mailing back and forth with Taboo because he and his wife love the show,” Hale tells PEOPLE. “That’s probably been the coolest. I’m scared to ask, but I just want to believe that maybe Fergie’s [also] watching.”

2. She’s Had to Eat Her Words
It takes a lot to make Hale blush, but she recalls an uncomfortable instance that had her turning red. “I was having dinner with my boyfriend at the time’s family,” Hale says. “He was telling them how bad of a driver I was. I was sticking up for myself, saying I was a great driver. And then I backed up into his aunt’s new car. I was humiliated. It was terrible. Luckily, there was only a little dent on my car, but not on hers. My boyfriend at the time was like, “See? I told you.”

3. She Auditioned for Twilight – Twice
Life could have been very different for Hale, had she beat out Ashley Greene for her role in the Twilight saga. “I auditioned for Alice,” Hale says. “I read the books and I wanted to be part of the first movie so bad. They cast everyone, so I heard about this new role, Jane, who was going to be a part of the second one, and I went for that.” Despite being turned down for both roles, Hale approves of the final decisions. “I love everyone they’ve cast,” she says. “I’m such a believer in everything happens for a reason and it’s all about timing. I like where I’m at right now. I make a living, and I’m on a show, but I can still go on with my life.”

4. She Loves Her ‘Green’ Car
Hollywood hasn’t made Hale, who drives a Prius, a car snob. “I definitely love that all these car brands are coming out with hybrid forms of every car that they have,” she says. “It’s very awesome because I think it does make a difference, and it doesn’t hurt that you save a lot of money on gas.” That said, Hale doesn t axe the possibility of driving a gas-guzzler someday. “I love Range Rovers, so maybe one day [I’ll drive one] as the complete opposite of a Prius.”

5. She’s Obsessed with Boys’
Hale was previously in a serious relationship with Wizards of Waverly Place star David Henrie, 21, but now that she’s single, she’s loving every minute of it. “I’m so boy-crazy,” she admits. “It’s like I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. I love boys.” But the way to Hale’s heart is not simple. “I get bored easily,” she says. “He’s got to be a gentleman. He’s got to have a good relationship with his mom, because I feel like that says a lot. He’s got to be pretty hysterical. I don’t want just funny. He’s got to make me laugh pretty hard.”