Five Things to Know about MTV's Alexa Chung

How the British host of It's On with Alexa Chung snags Hollywood's hottest celebs

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Charming the American audience with her light-hearted, cheeky sense of humor is MTV’s newest daytime darling, Alexa Chung. As host of It’s On with Alexa Chung, the British-born former model, whose dad is Chinese, has been welcoming some of Hollywood’s hottest celebs and musical guests from both mainstream and indie worlds.

Not your typical talk show host, the 25-year-old takes a different approach with her daily offerings, engaging Hollywood’s elite in activities a little less conventional. She got Cameron Diaz to bust a move with an interpretive dance piece, Hayden Panetierre to partake in a blindfolded taste test, and Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe to model wigs and wardrobes of today’s hottest trends.

So what do you need to know about television’s newest kid on the block? Check out these five fun facts about daytime’s latest star:

She’s a contributing editor for British Vogue:Even before she dreamed of becoming a model, Chung had aspirations to become a journalist. “I love writing,” she said. And with a steady stream of assignments on the horizon, she is honored to join a renowned group of contributors. “I know Sophie Dahl writes for them, so I am in good company.”

She is obsessed with photography:After spending years in front of the camera, Chung relishes the view behind lens. “I enjoy reportage photography or portraits,” she says. “And I shoot on film, just on 35mm. I like doing that for me.”

She is a jewelry designer:The talk show host designed a jewelry line for an ethical fashion company, and is a supporter of eco-wear and charitable wearing. And what of her vast wardrobe that changes on a daily basis? “It’s important with those clothes,” she says, “that I recycle them.”

Her boyfriend is in a band:While her love life is a hot topic back home, Chung admits her relationship with Alex Turner, lead singer of British rock band Arctic Monkeys, is a lot more low-key than people think. “It’s not like we’re always breaking up and getting back together or cheating on each other,” she says. “We’re quite boring, really.”

She would like to meet President Barack Obama:Of America’s historic leader, she tells PEOPLE: “It would be cool to meet him and hang out in the garden, walk his dog for him.”

With reporting by CYNTHIA WANG

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