July 30, 2015 05:25 PM

Everybody needs friends! They’re there for you when you need to prank call your high school principal, pretend you a have cooler job than you actually do at your high school reunion and complain about teachers on giant cell phones. None of these scenarios sound familiar? Well, at least that’s what friends on the big screen do! In honor of International Friendship Day here’s a look at five famous on screen friendships. Reminisce with your BFF and make sure to wish him or her a Happy Friend Day.

1. Clueless
Friends: Cher and Dionne
Why the friendship was great: They were the ultimate partners in crime: playing matchmaker for their teachers Mr. Hall and Miss Geist, giving newcomer Tai a makeover, preparing for big dates and enjoying retail therapy. Best of all, they called each other out. (Cher: “Been shopping with Dr. Suess?” Dionne: “Well at least I wouldn’t skin a collie to make my back pack.” Touché!)

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Friends: Ferris and Cameron
Why the friendship was great: They needed each other. Ferris doesn’t come across as a great friend at first. After all, he coaxes Cameron to prank call the principal so his girlfriend can sneak out of school and convinces him to borrow his dad’s 1961 Ferrari, knowing his dad would go ballistic. But ultimately, the friendship between Ferris and Cameron proves beneficial to both of them – Ferris’s spirit is exactly what the depressed Cameron needs to get out of his funk.

3. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion
Friends: Romy and Michele
Why the friendship was great: They’re better together. After coming up with a plan to tell classmates they invented Post-it notes, their plan fails, they get in a fight and a lot of crazy things happen including an interpretive dance to a Cyndi Lauper song. Ultimately their friendship is what helps them come out on top – they open a fashion boutique together.

4. Now and Then
Friends: Roberta, Samantha, Tina and Chrissy
Why the friendship was great: Longevity creates unbreakable bonds. Despite their lives leading them in different places, when the four friends reunite years later and reminisce about the childhood they shared (death, divorce, pranks on boys), it’s like no time has passed at all.

5. I Love You, Man
Friends: Peter and Sydney
Why the friendship was great: Bromances are a special kind of friendship. Peter considers his fiancée Zooey his best friend (adorable, we know), but once he meets his bro-friend Sydney, he learns there are certain things that are more fun to do with a bro – including detecting when someone is farting and rocking out to Rush.

What’s your favorite film friendship? Tell us in the comments below!

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