Meet Baby Seewald! First Picture of Jessa (Duggar) Seewald's Newborn Son

The happy couple shared the first photo of their son exclusively with PEOPLE

Photo: Picture property of, used with permission

It’s time to meet baby Seewald!

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald and husband Ben Seewald welcomed their first child Thursday, a healthy baby boy weighing 9 lbs. 11 oz. and 21 ½ inches long.

Jessa, 23, and Ben, 20, have shared the first photo of their little bundle of joy exclusively with PEOPLE. Additional photos will be posted soon on

The happy parents still aren’t quite ready to announce their newborn’s name.

Jessa has previously had fun guessing the baby’s weight by taking a poll with the Duggar and Seewald families.

The new mom predicted she would have “a chubby little baby,” revealing that she was “the biggest out of all my siblings” at 9 lbs., 15oz.

The couple shared the news of their pregnancy exclusively with PEOPLE in April.

Jessa said at the time: “I think having this first year together to share our lives, just the two of us, has been special,” and added that the two were “definitely excited to be parents.”

During the pregnancy, the couple shared their excitement by chronicling their journey on social media. Late last month, the pair posted maternity album photos, with Ben writing, “It was so much fun and soon we get to meet this sweet new Seewald!”

Earlier this week, Jessa celebrated her 23rd birthday and showed off some last-minute pregnancy cravings she was able to indulge, including tacos and a chocolate sundae.

Jessa celebrated her baby shower in October with a big, co-ed blowout attended by their families, including Jessa’s parents Jim Bob Duggar, 50, and Michelle Duggar, 49.

The birth of the new baby will be a focal point in Counting On, TLC‘s upcoming series of specials featuring Jessa and sister Jill’s lives now.

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