Obama dishes on the first time she cooked for Barack while the duo whip up some fried shrimp

By People Staff
Updated September 11, 2008 10:30 AM

Want to know the way to a man s heart? Try seafood gumbo – it worked for Michelle Obama!

“It was an impressive first attempt … I must have really been in love,” Michelle Obama told Paula Deen of her attempt to make seafood gumbo – including lobster, shrimp and mussels! – on an early date with future husband Barack Obama. “No, I haven’t cooked it since.”

“It was so good that once was enough,” Deen responded. The wife of the Democratic nominee for President appears on Deen’s Food Network show, Paula’s Party, on Sept. 20, and the host can attest it was more than her cooking that did the trick with the Senator.

“She was everything I thought she would be: Smart, great sense of humor and loves to talk about family,” Deen told PEOPLE of meeting Mrs. Obama.

The pair prepared fried shrimp for Deen’s show and Deen said, “I can tell she spends time in the kitchen – she was very relaxed when we cooked. And that lady is a good eater.”

Not that it shows. “Did I tell you she is in the best shape ever? Everyone was staring at her amazing arms!” said Deen.

Should Obama win in November, PEOPLE asked Deen what she would cook for them. “Well, I know that Senator Obama loves his chili. And I promised that I would make them my fried chicken if they move into the White House. Boy would that be fun!”