FIRST LOOK: David Hasselhoff in New Video Game

There's finally a chance to hassle The Hoff and get points, not arrested, for it

Attention America’s Got Talent castoffs and former Knight Rider bad guys: here is your chance to finally get revenge on The Hoff. has an exclusive first look of PAIN Movie Lot, a new PlayStation 3 video game being released Nov. 6 in which players get to smash, bash and trash characters including David Hasselhoff – with the former Baywatch star in on the joke.

“The idea of ‘hurting The Hoff’ or ‘hassling The Hoff’ was just hysterical to me,” Hasselhoff, 56, tells PEOPLE. “I don’t know why, I think it was from growing up watching the Three Stooges and the idea of hurting yourself was funny to me.”

In the irreverently comedic game, a player can take a virtual Hasselhoff – replete with a Knight Rider jump suit emblazoned with “The Hoff” on the back – though a series of collisions and pratfalls and score points for how much pain they can make the onetime German pop star endure.

Hasselhoff also has recorded a cover of the Culture Club classic “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” that will be available as a download.

“When they said they had the rights to the song, that really sold me,” said Hasselhoff.

Just don’t expect to get a chance to beat The Hoff at his own game.

“Not so much of a gamer,” said Hasselhoff, who did the game in part because his kids are such video game addicts. “I like to be in them. The great video games now are making more than major motion pictures.”

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