FIRST LISTEN: US Airways Survivor's Thankful Song

Emma Sophina debuts "Send Another Prayer," telling PEOPLE the crash made her "confident about seizing the day because it could be your last"


It took Emma Sophina just 15 minutes to write the lyrics to her new bluesy single “Send Another Prayer.” The difficult part, no doubt, was the song’s inspiration.

The 26-year-old from Perth, Australia, was one of the 155 survivors on board Flight 1549, the US Airways plane that crashed into the Hudson River on Jan. 15th. Her song’s message? “I am thankful for my life. And thank you to God and the pilot,” Sophina tells PEOPLE.

Listen to the song here:

Although Sophina doesn’t think the experience completely changed her: “I was thankful for life before,” she says. The singer does admit to one major personality adjustment. “I am definitely more confident about seizing the day because it could be your last,” she says.

That mental change seems to be working. Sophina just signed a recording contract with Decca Label Group and hopes to release an album later this year.

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