"She's moved on and I'm doing my thing," the rocker, who has a solo project ready for release, tells PEOPLE

By Jessica Herndon
Updated May 27, 2010 09:15 AM
Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

It’s clear that Travie McCoy – née Travis, of Gym Class Heroes fame – is having no problem going at it alone on his first solo project, Lazarus, out June 8. His single "Billionaire" is already a chart-topper.

“Need You,” a personal tune exhibiting McCoy’s singing skills, is sure to strike a chord as well. “Its about how tough it is to move on and explain to someone that you’re bruised and not really ready to pursue something,” explains the singer, who wants to assure fans that Gym Class Heroes have not broken up.

Listen to "Need You" here:

With a line like “inside I’m a mess by someone before” it’s easy to make the obvious connection – that the tune is about ex-girlfriend Katy Perry.

“But it’s not a stab in any way,” says McCoy, 28. “And I haven’t been sitting around for a year waiting for her to call me. She’s moved on and I’m doing my thing.”

What has the hip-hop rocker been doing since we last saw him? He’s managed to stay clean, fully kicking his pharmaceutical addiction. He also moved to Miami, got a bulldog named Stitch and became obsessed with shows Spartacus and Cake Boss.

“I took a shot at making a cake, but it turned out like vanilla soup,” he says. “But my black eyed peas are amazing. I’ve become a little homemaker.”