The former Idol star teams up with Randy Jackson for the new dance tune "Strobe Light"

March 30, 2010 01:15 PM

Kimberley Locke, who placed third on American Idol‘s second season, has since emerged as a TV personality, getting in shape on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and covering red carpet events for shows like The Insider. But Locke is still a top recording artist, too, hitting No. 1 on various Billboard charts with a range of pop, R&B and even Christmas songs. Now she is embracing her disco diva side with her new dance single, “Strobe Light.” has a first listen.

Listen to the song here:

“I’m that kind of singer who just loves to sing, no matter what it is,” says Locke, 32. “I don’t like to limit myself to one genre. I love singing the old classics, like Judy Garland, and the old covers, but trying to find where I fit into that after Idol was like, ‘Let’s try this, or let’s try that.’ Well, after trying a few things, which I have, dance seemed to be the most successful.”

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Available on April 6 on iTunes, “Strobe Light” is the result of Locke’s collaboration with producers Cutfather (Christina Aguilera) and Idol‘s own Randy Jackson.

“What initially started as a conversation with Randy Jackson to get advice turned into a partnership,” Locke says. “I remember driving home after talking to Randy and I said to myself, ‘Now, I’ve been off Idol for seven years. You would think that if I were going to work with any Idol-related people, it would have been early in my career! But when I started working with Randy, and this is what I love about Randy, he asked me straight out, ‘Who are your fans?’ And I was like, ‘the dance community, those are my fans. I’ve had three No. 1 dance records.’ He’s like, well there you go, we need to do a dance record.’ Randy encourages me to be me and have fun with it.”

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