The singer is finally releasing the tune, which was a bonus track on her 2008 album I Am ... Sasha Fierce

By Joey Bartolomeo
August 13, 2010 09:05 AM

Beyoncé may be on a break from making music, but her alter ego Sasha Fierce is still hard at work.

The singer has just readied a remix of “Why Don’t You Love Me,” a song that was originally a bonus track on her 2008 album I Am … Sasha Fierce.

Check out the song here:

Beyoncé, 28, tells PEOPLE the video for the original version of the song inspired the ads for the fall collections for Deréon and House of Deréon, the clothing lines she created with her mother, Tina.

“It’s this pinup thing and we just thought that it would really be cool to do,” Tina says.

Beyoncé notes that B. B. Homemaker, the character she plays in the video, is not as edgy as Sasha Fierce, which relates more to where she is in her life today.

“I’ve kind of been being a wife,” says the singer, who has been married to Jay-Z since April 2008. “And I figured it could be nice to kind of give a little wink towards the things that I’ve been doing at home, but making fun of it. I’m just kind of living my life, relaxing, and trying to enjoy [doing things] other than performing and music.”

Reporting by Suzanne Zuckerman

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