First Girl Born Into Family of Six Brothers Enjoys Life as 'Queen Bee': 'We Fight Over Who Gets to Pick Out Her Dress'

None of the boys minded wearing pink at Ruby's first birthday party this past weekend

Photo: Cher Lair

A year ago, the six Lair brothers from Apex, North Carolina, were dreading all the pink they knew was about to be a part of their lives as they got ready to welcome a baby sister – the first girl in the family.

“In the beginning, when she was just a concept, it was like, ‘Eewww pink!’ Now when we’re in a store, they’re like, ‘Oh, wouldn’t Ruby like that,’ ” mom Cher Lair tells PEOPLE.

What a difference a year – and a really cute little girl – makes.

“We always fight over who gets to pick out her dress,” 11-year-old Campbell admits.

In fact, none of the boys minded wearing pink at Ruby’s first birthday party this past weekend. Cher had her husband, Stephen, all the boys, their uncle and grandparents dress in pink for the party.

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“I like pale pink now, and neon,” Campbell says.

The Lair family became a viral video sensation when millions watched their gender reveal video in 2015. Back then, the boys – now ages three to 14 – didn’t know what to think of the first girl sibling. Now, mom says Ruby has brought out the best in each of them.

“Ruby is the boss. They love that girl, they are obsessed, she’s queen bee – they adore her! I think it softened them a little bit. They’re still Lord of the Flies-level crazy, but she just piles in with them and they’re very protective of her. They are just enamored with her,” the 37-year old stay-at-home mom says.

They fight over who gets to take her out of her crib in the morning, who gets to hold her and even who spends their only money from chores or mowing lawns on sweet gifts for the only little girl in the house.

There are some drawbacks though – dad has told them there are some things they can’t get away with anymore.

Eight-year-old Sawyer says, “I don’t fart or burp around her. Dad says if you need to do it, go to the other room because she’s a lady. It’s pretty annoying sometimes.”

And they each admit to worries about when she’ll start dating.

“Because she’s really delicate, she’s my Ruby,” Sawyer says.

Fourteen-year-old Jackson says, “Oh, that’s gonna be a milestone. It’s gonna be tough for whoever she picks.”

Eleven-year-old Campbell has a differnet take on his sister’s future dating life.

“I can’t wait to make fun of her boyfriends,” he says. I’m sure I’ll do what most big brothers will do – intimidate them.”

This past weekend, it was little Ruby who was intimidated – and the moment, which was captured on video, will no doubt have everyone falling in love all over again with the family.

Ruby, who her parents insist is the best baby ever, started to wail as they brought over her birthday cake.

“She was overwhelmed. It was about an hour into the party when we did the cake and I think all those people singing to her was too much,” Cher explains.

Despite the craziness of the party (and life in general!) Cher admits there just might be another Lair baby to celebrate, telling PEOPLE, “I can’t say we’re done, I can’t say we’re not done. It would be hard for me to definitely shut that door 100 percent. I know most people look at my kids as numbers, but if we had stopped at four or five and there hadn’t been a Knox or a Ruby or a Shepherd – they’re each so individually unique and contribute in such a unique way. They each have such individual merit, it would be hard for me to say I’m done with that.”

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