First Family Reacts to PEOPLE Cover

In anticipation of an upcoming PEOPLE Magazine cover story about the relationship between Hillary Clinton and her 18-year-old daughter Chelsea, the President and his wife said yesterday that they are “profoundly saddened” by the magazine’s decision to run a cover story that includes their daughter. “For over six years, the media has understood and respected the unique situation facing Chelsea as she grows up in the spotlight focused on her parents,” the Clintons said in a prepared statement. “We have been very grateful for the media’s restraint in allowing Chelsea the privacy that any young person needs and deserves.” They said PEOPLE decided to do the cover story “despite personal appeals with respect to her privacy and her security from her parents.” The headline and cover text for the report, which will be released tomorrow, is “Grace Under Fire: An intimate look at the deep bond of love that sustains the Clinton women through their painful family ordeal.”

  • PEOPLE Managing Editor Carol Wallace issued this response: “We are certainly sensitive to the Clinton’s concerns about their daughter but there is a great deal of admiration for this mother-daughter relationship. Over the years, we have written about the Clinton family in good times and bad. Chelsea is nearly 19 years old and a poised young adult. We feel that because she is an eyewitness to the family drama and historical events unfolding around her she is a valid journalistic subject.”
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