Final Presidential Debate: Celebs Break Out Big Guns (and Horses and Bayonets) on Twitter

The winner of Monday night's showdown may be Obama's sly nod to simpler times, at least according to the social media site

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To say Republican candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama walked into Monday night’s final showdown guns blazing may be up for debate.

Their weapon-of-choice, however, was a nod to simpler times (and we’re not talking about words alone): Break out the horses and bayonets!

This 20th-century imagery is a stark contrast to the battlefield that is the Twittersphere, which lit up with 6.5 million Tweets about the debate, according to Twitter data. Among those firing up their opinions in 140 characters or less: troops and troops of celebs.

Relive the foreign policy-themed debate through their (fighting) words. the story “Final Debate” on Storify

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