'Fight Club' Turns 15: See Photos from the Film's 1999 Premiere

We are Jack's nattily attired A-list guests

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in Fight Club. Photo: Moviestore Collection/Rex USA

Fight Club turns 15 this year, which is fitting, given that’s the perfect age to fall in love with its sarcastic, nihilistic take on 20th-century materialism, masculinity and also Brad Pitt‘s abs.

Given that the film is such a perfect encapsulation of the late 1990s – in fashion and attitude – we’ve put together a little time capsule of our own and rounded up some pictures from the film’s 1999 premiere. Enjoy.

Helena Bonham Carter brought her mom to the premiere, which 15 years later still remains an incredibly adorable thing to do.

Ditto for Edward Norton, who brought his sister!

Brad Pitt looks like he walked off the set with some of Tyler Durden’s 1970s-era duds. We wonder if Jen approved of that look?

Sofia Coppola was still best known as an actress in 1999 (she just appeared in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace), and Spike Jonze was hot off Being John Malkovich.

Portia de Rossi is determined to smile brighter than her outfit.

We really miss the oversize leather coat trend, as displayed here by our famous Friend Matthew Perry.

Like we said, too-large leather jackets were having a moment in 1999. Bridget Fonda seems especially fond of the look on Chris Isaak.

Do you guys remember when Matt LeBlanc starred in Lost in Space? How about when Gary Oldman turned into a space spider? Good times.

Kevin Spacey‘s all, “Did you guys see how buff I was in American Beauty? I could totally take Pitt.”

Ben Stiller was still two years away from Zoolander at this point – Mystery Men had just come out in theaters.

Because it’s not a ’90s throwback post without the Pink Power Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson.

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