Actor Ryan Paevey reveals just how, um, revealing the process was (spoiler: very)
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Before Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson took on Fifty Shades Of Grey, casting directors had the enviable/difficult job of auditioning other wannabe Christians and Anas.

Until now, it was a mystery what went down behind closed doors of those auditions. But lucky for us, actor Ryan Paevey – you know him from General Hospital – is now sharing details.

The very good-looking Paevey went on The View Tuesday to talk about his tryout for the role of Christian Grey and answered such burning questions as, “So, do you have to get naked?”

Here are the three things that go down at a Fifty Shades audition.

1. You arrive fully dressed.
Sounds obvious, sure, but with a movie like this, you never know. As View cohost Whoopi Goldberg explained it, “When he walks in, yeah. He can’t be naked coming down the street.” (Hey, a person can dream, Whoopi.)

2. You sit around, looking at potential Anas, wondering who you’ll get paired with.
That’s right: You go into it having no idea who you’ll be running lines with. Think of it as the Hollywood equivalent of a blind date. Only you have to all hang out beforehand. “You sit in a long line in a hallway with a bunch of strangers,” says Paevey of waiting to get called in. “Everybody knowing that one of us is going to molest one of us.” (Note: When he says “molest,” he’s referring to acting out a scene with Ana.)

3. You don’t stay clothed long.
Once you get into the room, things move pretty fast. “She says something about how she wants to introduce herself to me,” says Paevey of his co-auditioner – and then it quickly transitions into naked time. “But I don’t do it,” he explains of ditching his clothes. “She does it.”

To recap, the Fifty Shades of Grey auditions aren’t quite as steamy as the movie itself, but they’re not exactly PG-13, either. Note to other dudes and ladies who tried to get the role: We wanna hear more – please share. And note to casting directors: If you ever need someone to fill in for you, we’re available.