September 13, 2016 03:00 PM

There’s nothing quite like Fifty Shades. (Well, save for Twilight, the book that Fifty is originally based on.)

But even considering the source material, there’s just something about Fifty Shades that is just so inherently Fifty Shades. And as the newly released Fifty Shades Darker trailer proves, the second installment’s film adaptation will surely preserve that Fifty Shades-ness.

Here’s just a few of examples of how…

Christian sends Anna like, 100, roses.
A dozen roses are not nearly extravagant enough. And he went for white, because grey roses aren’t a thing. (Although, couldn’t Christian just pay to have those invented?)

Ana and Christian whisper to each other, even though they’re the only people in the room.
When you say things quietly, it makes them sound more dramatic, you know?

They attend a masquerade party.
In what universe do these actually happen besides the Fifty Shades universe?

They make out in the shower.
Kissing in the shower isn’t weird. Kissing in the shower with your clothes on is.

There are fireworks.
It’s the Fifty Shades attempt at symbolism.

Christian does pull-ups.
Because every 15 minutes, there needs to be a blatant reminder that Jamie Dornan has insane muscles.

There’s an intense romantic stare at an art show.
It happened in the first Fifty Shades, so it obviously needs to happen again. Although this time, it’s not with Christian. Dun dun dun.

Other men hit on Anastasia.
We need a reason for Christian to get angry and moody, after all.

There are slowly closing doors.
Ah, the intrigue! Who knows what goes on behind those doors? (Okay, well, anyone who saw the first movie knows.)

And there’s tension in a parking garage.
When there’s drama to be had, Christian and Ana will find it – even in the most mundane of places.

They take a helicopter ride.
What’s Fifty Shades without a little Charlie Tango? Private helicopter is the elusive billionaire’s transportation mode of choice.

There’s a creepy girl standing at the edge of the bed (and behind Ana).
Okay, this one is actually more The Ring than Fifty Shades.

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