The Fergalicious singer also opens up about an embarrassing onstage "accident"

Fergie has been quietly dating actor Josh Duhamel since 2004, but don’t look for a date for the wedding – or engagement, for that matter.

“We’re practically married, anyway,” she tells Blender magazine’s January/February issue. “I’m madly in love with him. He understands how to treat a woman and give me respect.”

Fergie, the magazine’s 2007 Woman of the Year, did have a big 2007 – but she’s also suffered her share of indignities.

For instance, there was that moment she wet her pants onstage – a mishap captured in a photo that was spread across the Web.

“I was late, so I didn’t go to the restroom before I went onstage,” Fergie, 32, explains.

“It was horrible,” she adds. “But, whatever. It happened.”

Fergie, who won American Music and MTV Music awards in 2007, takes the same attitude with people knowing about her past drug abuse.

“It’s like there’s one or two things the public knows about every famous person,” Fergie says. “With me, everyone knows I wet my pants onstage and had a crystal-meth addiction. That sucks. You have to laugh.”