Here Are the Funniest Dads on Twitter – and Why We Love Them

Fatherhood, as told to the Internet

Photo: Getty

With Father’s Day approaching (that’s right – start thinking about gift cards), we can’t help but wax philosophical on the essence of fatherhood. What does it mean to be a dad in the year 2015?

But instead of arguing about how the Internet has or hasn’t changed fatherhood, we’d like to discuss how the advent of social media (namely, Twitter) has changed the way dads make dad jokes.

Yup, while the masses get themselves all hot and bothered about dad bod, we’re more excited about dad jokes – especially these hilarious Twitter dudes.

1. @XplodingUnicorn

Why We Love Him: He respects his two children, 5 and 3, enough to initiate highly stimulating conversations with them.

2. @SammyRhodes

Why We Love Him: He doesn’t sugarcoat the daily realities of marriage or raising four kids.

3. @FatherWithTwins

Why We Love Him: He just wants to take a nap.

4. @DadandBuried

Why We Love Him: He navigates the fine line between bitter and endearing.

5. @Simoncholland

Why We Love Him: He rocks “sturdy leather velcro sandals.” (Seriously, read his Twitter bio.)

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