In honor of Father's Day, meet 10 guys who have taken their stories from their homes to homepages all around the web
Credit: Dave Engledow

This Father’s Day, we’d like to thank our own dads for all of their corny jokes and words of encouragement – there aren’t that many people who can make us laugh and cry in the same conversation.

Likewise, we’re looking at the fathers who have taken their own stories to homepages all around the web. They, too, have made us pause, smile and, sometimes, even reach for a tissue.

1. Here’s a dad who created a rule we could all benefit from following

As the father of two biological children and one adoptive child, this man schooled the Internet on one simple rule about talking to adoptive families: “Before you say it, ask yourself this question: ‘Would I say it about a boob job?'”

2. We’re still laughing over the ‘World’s Best Father’

Dave Engledow gave us a playful peek into the dizzying, tiresome and, yes, wonderful world of being a dad for the first time. What started as a silly photo project tracing daughter Alice Bee’s first year of life is now a book.

3. You’ll want to see this man’s face when he learns he’s going to be a grandfather

His daughter gave him a pacifier as a gift, but it takes a minute to sink in. Wait for it.

4. This is what would happen if an 11-month-old filled out a questionnaire

Interests include food as art/clothing, long yells at the beach and exploring parents’ noses with fingers.

5. But you probably don’t want to bug this dad on Saturday mornings

Because it’s possible to love your daughter – just not her taste in music (Rihanna covers), which has been the source of parent-child conflicts since Roman times.

6. Words can’t describe how moving this series of photos are by a dad who recreated his wedding photos with his 3-year-old daughter

Ben Nunery lost Ali, his wife and the mother of his daughter, Olivia, to a rare form of lung cancer in 2011. These photos were intended to honor the loving memories made in the house they shared.

7. The ‘Reluctant Father’ was honest and brave in his reflection of welcoming a baby

“It’s odd,” Phillip Toledano writes. “There’s how you feel, and then there’s how you think you should feel.”

8. This dying father walked his 11-year-old daughter down the aisle because he won’t be there for her real wedding

Josie Zetz’s father, Jim, has stage IV pancreatic cancer, which means he might not see the 11-year-old’s next birthday, much less her wedding day. Knowing that Jim would likely not be alive to walk Josie down the aisle, a local photographer decided to make a lifelong memory for the father and daughter.

9. When a deployed dad returned home early, it was his kids’ reactions that had us reaching for tissues

Reference: the older girl’s face at the 0:25 mark.

10. This dad with cancer wanted to make sure he left his daughter with as much fatherly advice as possible

With the knowledge that he has just an 8 percent chance of surviving the next five years, Garth Callaghan wrote 826 lunchtime notes for his daughter.