June 23, 2004 08:00 AM

ARRIVED: Fantasia Barrino’s first single, “I Believe,” hit stores Tuesday, but the “American Idol” winner is after more. “Man, I want to do everything. I want to do some acting, I want my own clothing lines,” Barrino, 19, tells AP. The single mother also wants to build activity centers for teenagers in her home state. “There’s a lot of young people out there on the streets who think that’s what life is all about. I want to do some heavy, heavy stuff in North Carolina.” Coming soon from Fantasia: a new album and the 48-city American Idols Live tour, which kicks off July 14 in Salt Lake City.

SWITCHED: Red-carpet doyennes Joan and Melissa Rivers, 71 and 36, respectively, are in talks to jump from E! Entertainment to the TV Guide Channel, say reports. The deal is worth $6 million-$8 million over three years for each Rivers. A rep for E! had no comment, but Richard Grant, a spokesman for Joan, tells New York’s Daily News: “It’s a little premature. Joan does not talk about deals until they are a deal.”

HONORED: Bob Dylan, 63, will be awarded an honorary degree by Scotland’s oldest university – and Prince Williams’s alma mater – the University of St Andrews, which will make him Doctor of Music at this year’s summer graduation ceremony on Wednesday. Dylan has only ever accepted one other honorary degree – from Princeton University in 1970.

STRUCK: David Bowie was hit by a flying lollipop halfway through his third song at a Norwegian music festival in Oslo, reports the Associated Press, which claims that the object was probably sent as a message of adoration, given that Norwegians call the hard candy “love on a stick.” Though not seriously injured, Bowie, 57, swore at the unknown culprit and said he only had one good eye. The other eye had been damaged in a childhood fight. An unnamed woman was finally identified as the culprit, and she said it was an accident.

SELECTED: On a CBS special Tuesday, the American Film Institute named Judy Garland’s rendition of “Over the Rainbow,” from 1939’s The Wizard of Oz the best movie song of all time. The rest of the Top 10 (of 100): “As Time Goes By” (Casablanca); “Singin’ in the Rain” (from the movie of the same name); “Moon River” (Breakfast at Tiffany’s); “White Christmas” (Holiday Inn); “Mrs. Robinson” (The Graduate); “When You Wish Upon a Star” (Pinocchio); “The Way We Were” (from the movie of the same name); “Stayin’ Alive” (Saturday Night Fever); and “The Sound of Music.”

BALKED: America’s sweetheart Doris Day, 80, will receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bush in Washington on Wednesday, but the “Pillow Talk” star’s fear of flying will keep her from leaving her California home. “I am deeply grateful to the president and to my country,” Day tells the Associated Press. “But I won’t fly. … I’m not being coy, or looking for a laugh. I have never thought about awards, whatever I do.” Day blames her fear of flying on too many overseas trips with Bob Hope entertaining U.S. troops. “Bob would fly even if a cyclone was coming,” she recalled. “I saw him on his knees many a time. In fact, we were all on our knees. We flew in snowstorms, whatever, to get to the next show. When I hit the ground, I said, ‘Never again.'”

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